How to Start Your New Healthy Lifestyle

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed after you’ve decided you need to get healthy. Where to start! It’s common to jump in with both feet and try to change everything all at once. But that usually doesn’t work too well.

I think of the first week of January at the local Gold’s Gym. There are a 1000 new people there that week and by the end of the month, 90% of them are never to be seen again. Instead, start with little steps.

These three things can set you on the right path without uprooting you’re whole world all at once.

Get The Hell Out Of Bed!

Yeah, I’m guilty of it too. Lying there until the last possible second, milking as much bedtime as you can. But that’s no way to start the day! I always find that the days I get up early and really start my day, I feel better, I get more done, and I feel less like I wasted my day.

That bed is usually warm and cozy and the day hangs over you like a rain cloud. But make the first part of the day your time and set out on the right foot, or left, whichever your preference.

Go For A Walk

Now that you’re getting up earlier and have some extra time, go for a walk. You don’t need any equipment, you can do it anywhere, and it’s the core human movement. We’re built to walk.

We should be walking to get food, water, and material for tools. But we can drive to the store or just hit up Amazon now. We spend a ludicrous (I love when I get to use that word!) amount of time sitting in the modern world and it’s destroying our bodies.

In the amount of time it would take you to get your stuff together, drive to the gym, change, workout, and get back home it’s likely you could get in a 2-4 mile walk. Did you know that a human can cover more distance on foot in a day than a horse? We need to walk.

Cut Down On Sugary Drinks

That’s right! We’re doing little steps. I didn’t say drop sugar like it’s a hand grenade. I’m talking about making small changes initially to get you rolling. One of the first things I have clients do is cut the amount of soda they drink in a day in half. They have almost had very fast results. Often this is weight loss and they also usually feel better throughout the day.

Don’t drink soda? What about juice, sugary coffee drinks, sweet tea, sports drinks, or beer? These all have a lot of sugar. For things like sports drinks, you can water them down 50/50. Aside from freshly squeezed juice, it’s mostly to be avoided.

Instead of trying to dump sugar all at once, just slowly phase it out. A little sugar isn’t a problem, but most of us eat enough sugar that it borders on suicidal. Back off slowly and give your body and habits time to adjust.

Today Is The Right Time

Something else I’m guilty of is waiting for the “right” time. These 3 little habits can make a big impact toward a healthy lifestyle. It’s always hardest to get started and much easier to expand once you’re rolling. The best part about them is you can start implementing them today!

Once these are a normal part of your day, you can expand to new habits or expand these habits. Chipping away a little at a time will eventually reveal the beautiful marble statue that is your dream healthy lifestyle!

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