Jawzrsize Alternatives – No Equipment Needed

A couple weeks ago I reviewed the Jawzrsize product. The video has been…. far more popular than I expected. If you haven’t seen it, check out my Jawzrsize review. One of my biggest complaints was that it was too expensive. So I thought I’d share some other options.

Jaw And Facial Exercises That Don’t Require Equipment

Here are several exercises you can do for your face, jaw, and neck that don’t require anything more than your hands. You’ll use your fingers to apply pressure for your jaw to work against. These will hit the same muscles the Jawzrsize does and many more if you do all the exercises.

Alignment, Alignment, Alignment

First things first, you have to check your head and neck alignment. If these exercises are done from a place of poor alignment you could make your problems worse. Make sure that your ears and shoulders are in a straight line. That’s your landmark to keep your head in the right place.

The facial, jaw, and neck exercises

The first exercise is an active stretch for the bite muscles. This is the exact same movement that Jawzrsize works. This can help relax the jaw and better develop the bite muscles.

Place a couple fingers from each hand onto your bottom teeth and close your mouth as much as you can. Apply light bite pressure against your fingers while you pull your mouth open with your fingers. Be careful not to overdo it as you could hurt your TMJ (temporomandibular joint, where your jaw attaches to your skull).

The second exercise targets the muscles that move the jaw from side-to-side. Shift your jaw either to the left or the right and place your fingers on the opposite side of your jaw. Apply light pressure against your jaw and gently shift your jaw to the opposite side.

Next, we’ll hit the muscles that slide your jaw forward. Pull your jaw back so you have an overbite. Place your thumb against your chin and apply light pressure (are you seeing a pattern yet?).  Now push your jaw forward against your thumb until you have an underbite.

Now let’s get the muscles under your chin. Place your thumbs under your chin and push up against it. Open your mouth while maintaining light pressure with your thumbs. Try not to let your head tilt back and instead just open your mouth.

Last, it’s time to stretch those muscles on the back of your neck and head. Most of us have some degree of a pushed forward head. Our modern lifestyle encourages it. We’re going to counteract it.

Get your good posture. Now slide your whole head backward. Try to keep from tilting your ribs up as you slide back.

How Often Should You Do These Jaw Exercises?

You can do these exercises every day so long as you’re not using a ton of resistance. 8-12 reps should be good. These are corrective exercises and not really a training program. Just like Jawzrsize.

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