motar and pestle

Prep It Yourself – Mortar And Pestle

I know, I know I’m really old fashioned and it seems like I’m fighting technology all the time. I just got my first mortar and pestle, a really nice granite one and I’m in love. You’re right. A spice grinder would be faster. But is it better?

Sure I could just throw my spices into a little $20 spice grinder, hold down the button until it got to the consistency I wanted. But where’s the fun in that? I try to enjoy the process.

The mortar and pestle really isn’t that much slower than a spice grinder. And I can do more with it than the spice grinder. Plus I get some extra movement while I’m making food. And to top it off, my spices are as fresh as they’re gonna get. If I want a challenge and to build extra brain power, I’ll use the mortar and pestle left handed!

Fresh ground spices means more delicious flavor and nutritous compounds in my food. One of the simplest things you can do to improve your nutrition is to do more of your meal prep work yourself. Love the process!


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