You Will Rock It – Core Strength And Stability

This week you’re gonna rock it! I’m teaching the fundamentals of rocking. Rocking isn’t a full on front or backward roll. It’s a building block movement that has a lot of handy reasons for practicing it.

You Should Practice Rocking

Rocking will teach you how to stabilize your spine by strongly engaging your core muscles. If you have any inefficiencies then they will show up while rocking. Either you will have flat spots in your spinal curve or you will fall over to one side or the other.

By building a solid rocking foundation, you’ll able to transition to learning front and backward rolls much more easily. Rolling is one of the most important techniques you can learn to avoid major injuries. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’m sure I would have been seriously injured had I not been able to roll out of the fall.

So watch the video, get the info, and practice rolling!

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