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Never Miss An Opportunity To Practice Good Movement Fundamentals

We move less than we ever have. That’s a problem in itself. But when we do move, we frankly move like shit. Most of us have numerous movement pathologies. And poor movement patterns gradually break the body. They lead to pain and dysfunction. Why not take every opportunity you get to move better?


Your Movement Patterns Matter

Every time you practice a movement pattern, it is reinforced. You practice a movement pattern every time you perform that movement. It doesn’t have to be an intentional workout or training session. If you use lazy technique every time you sit in a chair, then you are building the pattern of lazy technique. Do this long enough and you won’t be able to do it any other way.

How many times do you sit down and stand up from a chair in a day? Every one of those times is a chance to improve or maintain good movement patterns. Instead of just plopping down, sit down with good squat form. This doesn’t have to be rigid like you’re going for a world record squat attempt. But don’t just drop onto the chair without engaging your body at all!

If you’re lying on the floor when you stand back up take the opportunity to practice getting up from the floor without using your hands or one of the other ways to rise to your feet. Don’t practice getting up like a drunken sailor. For more info about getting up off the floor watch my video on getting up off the floor or check out this week’s Movement Monday about building your base!

If there is something that you know gives you problems then use extra attention when you perform it. I’ve been arguing with my shoulders since I was a kid. If I don’t pay a lot of attention when I perform movements that rely on my shoulders, I’ll almost always use bad technique.

MovNat was instrumental in giving me better techniques to rehab my shoulders. Despite a lifetime of health and fitness focus, I still have shoulder problems. Now with new tools and a different mindset, I’m undoing many functional issues that have been in place for 25 years. And this concept was a huge part of the rehab process. Don’t only focus on movement in workouts.

The more often you practice the good habits and the better you pay attention the more you correct the poor technique. As your movement patterns improve the less you have to pay attention to it. Get in the habit of practicing things correctly. Don’t do things until you get them right. Do them until you can’t do them wrong.

If you don’t have the tools to develop good movement habits, then find a competent coach. Your health is worth it.

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