Movement Monday – Start Working On Your Balance

Let’s work on balance! This is more of a skill exploration than a workout but there are plenty of ways you can challenge yourself. The only piece of equipment you need is something to balance on. I like using a 2×4. It’s cheap, easy to get a hold of, and about the right size for your foot.

The Balancing Act

Practice walking front to back and side shuffling on the 2×4. You can drop your hips to change your center of gravity and practice balancing at different levels. Practice turning around the 2×4 too. It’s easier to turn with a lower center of gravity. Move slowly and don’t hurry the movements.

If you rush you’re just rushing from position to position instead of actually controlling your body. Set a timer for 10-20 minutes. Your preference. Take breaks as needed, but spend as much time on the 2×4 as you can. Keep at it and before long the 2×4 will be no problem at all!

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