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Standing Up From The Floor – 2 More Techniques

In my previous video, Getting Up Off The Floor, I shared a few ways you can get up off the floor. This week I wanted to share a couple more. I want to share base building and the side bent sit get up. Base building is probably the easiest way to get up from the floor while the side bent sit get up is much more challenging and can be a great hip stability exercise.

Standing Up From The Floor

Base building is a great place to start when practicing get ups. It the way infants learn to get up off the ground. It starts from a prone position, laying face down. First push your chest up off the ground with your elbows.

Then you’re going to bring your knees under you one at a time. Once both knees are under you, push up into a hand knee position. Now place your toes on the ground and push your hands back toward your knees. As your hands walk backward, drive your hips up into the air.

Once your hips are high enough that your weight is centered over your feet, just stand up. You can reverse this process to go back to the floor.

The side bent sit get up is much more challenging than base building. Start in a side bent sit. Drive your hips up off the ground until they’re fully extended.

Now turn your body so it’s facing in the direction your knees are pointing. Slowly shift your weight over the knee that’s in front. This will make the back leg lighter so you can move it. Once you’ve shifted your weight enough to free your trailing leg, lift it and swing it straight forward into a split squat position.

Take your time with this transition so you can ensure good hip stability. If you rush and use momentum, you may overlook mobility issues that you don’t know you have. Move slowly and gain control over the movement.

From the split squat position, come up to standing!

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