Eliminating All My Pain – Start At The Beginning

Last year, 2020, was the year I planned to eliminate all of my pain. You see, I’ve been in some kind of constant pain for probably 20-25 years now. Between athletics and the military, I’ve just learned to push through it. That, however, doesn’t do much to address the underlying issue. There is a time and place for pushing through pain. That time and place is not all day, every day.

Last year was a bit of roller coaster. It started off with disappointment after disappointment. Despite that, it ended up being a really good year for me. However, not only did I not meet my goal of being pain free. I’d say I ended the year a little worse than I started. The reality is that the pain is impacting my life and I can’t let things continue this way so 2021 is the year I go pain free!

I’ve decided to go back to the very beginning. No fancy movements, just rebuilding my foundation and resetting my nervous system. I’ve had a lot of success with somatics, but the major nagging issues are still there. I will be focusing on ground movement and basic movement patterns until I feel my body has been restored to acceptable mobility in all directions before starting to add more complex movements.

I have very good mobility in some directions and very little in others. This has cause some areas of my body to have to move far more than they should to make up for other areas. My aim is to balance everything out again and restore normal function to those stuck areas. I share the movements I’ll initially be focusing on in the video above. I’ll continue to share my progress and movements I add as I progress!

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