Fix Your Posture With This Calf And Foot Release

I love techniques that are simple and approachable. They’re even better if they require little to no specialized equipment. That’s the exact kind of thing I came across the other day in the Anatomy Trains book. You can really fix your posture with this calf and foot release!

The Calf And Foot Release Technique

For this self-massage technique all you’ll need is a ball, my preference is a lacrosse ball, and your knee. I give a detailed breakdown of the why in the video as well as a demonstration, but I’ll summarize here quickly. This release works on the fascia that runs along the bottom of your foot all the way up to your forehead. The focus is on releasing tension at the ankle.

By relieving tension along the back of the ankle, you allow more space in the ankle joint by restoring your heel to a more natural, less compressed position. Because you now have more support behind your ankle, you can shift your weight away from the front of your foot back toward your heel where more of it belongs. This also means more mobility in your foot and ankle.

Another benefit of this foot and calf release is that it also relieves tension off the entire superficial back line, the anatomy trains name for this fascial line. What does that mean for you? This self-massage may help alleviate back and neck pain and tension as well as possibly relieving tension headaches. How awesome is that! I’ve done a few sessions with this massage and have had really great results! Hope this one helps you out. Lemme know what you think!

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