Why Should You Practice Getting Up From The Ground?

I’ve done several videos talking about techniques for getting up off the floor, but I don’t think I’ve covered the why yet! What an oversight!!!! Today I’m covering why, even if you aren’t elderly or infirm, you should practice getting up from the ground.

Regular practice of movement skills is essential for maintaining your ability to perform them when needed. We sometimes only consider that with more advanced techniques like pull ups. However, it also applies to more overlooked techniques like getting off the floor.

Everything is a perishable skill, including things we think of as givens. In cultures, like much of Asia, where people regularly sit on the floor, the elderly are much more capable of rising from and sitting on the floor. It seems silly to many, but it’s an unfortunate truth the many, many people not only fear falling to the floor but could be seriously injured in the process.

As I cover in the video above, it’s much better to practice a skill regularly than try to recover it once you’ve lost it. Losing the ability to get up and down from the floor safely is a life altering problem!

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