Take Control Of Your Feet – Exercises To Strengthen Your Feet

Feet are the foundations of your body. They have almost as many nerve endings as your hands. They should be strong, capable, and resilient. Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for most of us. Modern footwear deforms, compresses, and restricts our feet to the point where few of us have natural foot function by adulthood. Today I’m sharing some things you can do to take control of your feet.

A Tool, A Stretch, And An Exercise

In the above video I share three things you can do to set your feet off to barefoot bliss! The first one is a toe spacer. While simple, when used regularly toe spacers can do a lot to restore normal foot function. If you want to wear them all the time, you’ll probably have to buy footwear that can accommodate them. Although, when you first start you probably won’t be able to wear them long enough for that.

The second thing you can do is a calf stretch. Virtually all modern footwear has some kind of heel. This leads to a chronically shortened calf. If you transition straight to barefoot full-time plantar fasciitis is likely to show up. Stretching your calves regularly, multiple times a day for several minutes at a time can help restore normal calf length and prevent or eliminate a lot of the foot pain associated with transitioning to barefoot.

And the last thing I share is an exercise to help you regain control of your big toe. This one may seem silly, but a strong, mobile big toe is incredibly important for a natural gait. Your big toe is the lever that propels you forward while walking. Modern footwear permanently displaces and weakens the big toe. This exercise is designed to help your brain recognize the muscles that control the big toe so you can strengthen it and restore it to its normal location.

I hope you enjoy the stuff I shared today! Happy barefooting and enjoy all the wonderful sensations your feet are about to take in!

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