Stretching Doesn’t Work… Or Does It?

I’ve seen post after post and article after article recently with a proclamation. The verdict is in. Stretching doesn’t work. The thing I dislike about these kinds of headlines is that they’re designed to get people’s attention and the information they provide is generally pretty narrow. The real question is, is it true that stretching doesn’t work?

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Start Your Day With Gratitude

It’s pretty easy to get down and depressed right now. So many things are closed. Most of us have been told to stay home or it’s a criminal offense. There are lots of things that aren’t available and so many things we can’t do. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great things in our lives right now. I suggest you start your day with gratitude.

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take control of your health

Take Control Of Your Health

Do you have control over your health or have you given your authority away? Today I want to talk about why you need to take control of your health. It’s really not your fault if you’ve lost it. You’ve been taught to give it away.

We have medical professionals we see for all of our issues. We’ve been taught that healing comes from outside you. You need to take a pill or have a procedure done to fix your issue. Sometimes this is true. Often times it isn’t. Most illnesses or injuries will heal themselves with time, rest, and healthy habits if given enough time.

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Don't Rush Your Fitness Journey

Take Your Time Getting Fit!

So you’re ready to start moving more and get into better shape. Great! It’s easy to rush in and try to do everything all at once. But there are some good reasons to take your time getting fit. Not only will you stick with it longer, but you’ll also be healthier along the journey.

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Ben Doing A Psoas Release Exercise

Psoas Release Exercises – Help Back And Hip Pain

The psoas is one of your hip flexor muscles. It essentially connects your femur, or upper leg bone, to your spine. It can be a major contributor to lower back pain and hip pain. The psoas is chronically tight in many of us and often just stretching isn’t enough to find release. This very simple exercise is effective at restoring length and relaxation to your overly tight psoa muscles!

Setting The Stage For Psoas Control

This is a bodyweight exercise. You don’t need any equipment, just enough space to lay down. Start by laying down on your back. Bring your knees up so they’re pointing at the ceiling. Keep your feet about hip-width apart. You should be comfortable.

We’re going to learn to control our psoas a little before we move into the exercise. Do this by pushing your lower back into the ground. You should feel your abs contract and your belly hollow a little as your back pushes into the floor. Once your back touches the floor, hold it there for a couple of seconds and then slowly release back to neutral.

While releasing back to neutral, make sure to move very slowly and very smoothly. Really pay attention and feel the muscles working to control the movement. This is a very important step in controlling those muscles. Once you’re comfortable with this step you can move onto step 2. Don’t rush it. If you need more time learning to flatten your back, take it.

The Psoas Release Exercise

Now that you’ve learned to flatten your back we can move to the exercise itself. Start by gently flattening your back to the ground like before. Once you get there, continue to hold the position as you slowly lift your right leg. Start with a very small movement. Only an inch or two is a good starting point. If you’re lower back starts to lift off the floor, either use less range of motion or go back to practicing flattening your back.

Hold the lift for a couple of seconds at the top and then slowly lower your leg back to the floor. As before, make sure to pay lots of attention to the muscles working as you release. Now do the other side!

When you first start with this exercise do only one or two reps on each side. This exercise can really challenge your psoas so it’s important to not be overzealous! As you get better at this movement you can further challenge yourself by first using more range of motion with your leg bent. As that becomes easier, start lifting your leg with less bend.

In a relatively short time, you’ll gain tons more strength and mobility through your hips and lower back. It’s also likely you’ll see a reduction or elimination of pain in those areas as well.

small changes to lose weight

6 Small Changes To Lose Weight

Losing weight can be a complex issue. Today I want to share 6 small changes you can use to lose weight. I want to keep things simple and low tech. Nothing fancy here. Just little things you can tweak that will make it more likely you will drop body fat and improve the health of your lifestyle.

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