September 2017 30-Day Challenge Update

That’s it. September’s over already! It’s time to review how I did for the 30-day challenge I set for myself. In September I decided to limit myself to only one cup of regular coffee a week. If you want to read the full post you can find it here.

How Did It Go?

I did really well with the challenge last month! I only had one extra cup of coffee and one extra yerba mate. Technically the yerba mate doesn’t count, but the spirit of the challenge was to limit caffeine so I’m counting it.

Now, what difference did I notice limiting my caffeine intake? Actually a huge one. My mood was more level. I slept better, I woke up better, I went to bed more easily. In short, I think this 30-day challenge will largely be the new norm.

I love coffee, but I like not feeling like crap a lot more. From now on I will probably try pretty hard to limit my caffeine intake. 30 days of limiting it really showed me how strongly it affects me.

Now… Time to think of a new 30-day challenge. Actually, I already have. I’ll fill ya in tomorrow on what that’s gonna be. Anyone else have a 30-day challenge for themselves? Let me know in the comments down below if you do!

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